Friday, 20 June 2008

Peter Robinson in Narnia

Many of our politicians seem on occasion to inhabit their own personal land of make believe. A world were all ills are cured by asking the Fairy Government for more money even if on occasions you have to travel to a far away land to a Palace called Westminster and walk through a special room called the ‘Division Lobby’ in order to make your wish. In this land ‘deals’ are never made but wishes really do come true – just wait and see.

The DUP, who visited this magical kingdom recently have heard stories that the Palace may be taken over in a couple of years by someone else but they have decided to keep believing in their Fairy Godmother Gordon.

The new First Minster strained all day on Monday not to smile when in the vicinity of the Deputy First Minister. Later in the week he couldn’t contain himself any more. He was photographed with babe in arms in front of a mural in honour of C S Lewis the creator of Narnia beaming from ear to ear.

The fact that the mural displaced one in honour of paramilitaries is surely a sign of progress. Hopefully the child in Robinson’s arms will one day wonder at the crazy idea that anyone would put up pictures in memory of the perpetrators of violence.

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