Friday, 9 May 2008

Lies, damn lies and statistics?

The Belfast Telegraph has been releasing the results of an opinion poll commissioned from Ipos MORI. Ipos MORI were one of the companies left with egg on their face following the London Mayoral contest but the results of the Belfast Telegraph poll were interesting none the less. Barely one in five voters rate the Executive’s performance as very good or fairly good. Given that the Executive has yet to make many difficult decisions it could be that this rating will only decline! An incredible 72% said the restoration of devolution has yet to make any difference to them personally. On the Health Service, perhaps the area which the Assembly has most influence (and certainly the area which it spends most on) 67% reckoned the health service was ‘much the same.’
The question on party political support was perhaps the most intriguing – with approaching one third – 28% - in the Undecided/Would not vote/Did not answer categories.
Overall the poll seems to suggest a modest increase in DUP support, a slightly bigger increase for the UUP, SDLP support static and a huge drop in support for Sinn Fein?

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