Friday, 18 April 2008

Fianna Fáil/SDLP back together

Last week we reported on a possible hitch in the developing Fianna Fáil/SDLP relationship – with FF considering extending its consultation period about a possible move into politics in the North. It seems that things are back on track with a romantic meal for the two parties – or rather a breakfast on Friday for 400. Outgoing Tiaoseach Bertie Ahern was guest of honour at the event, which was also attended by Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern and other senior FF figures. The media reported that having gone this far Mark Durkan will now be expected to go all the way.

The gathering, which took place in Co. Louth between Newry and Dundalk, was a fund raiser for the SDLP – specifically for their councillors who were surcharged by the Local Government Auditor for willful misconduct. Despite the fact the event was held just over the border, the SDLP may have to declare all ‘profits’ to the Electoral Commission.

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