Friday, 14 March 2008

Paisley - the knives come out

The media and political reflection on Dr Ian Paisley’s career continued this week. After the ‘warm words’ of praise from many leading politicians and many commentators last week, the comments this week were more barbed. It was almost as if the shock of Paisley’s departure had worn off and people had had more time to consider the matter. Kevin Myers, David Adams and a number of other commentators did not hold back their criticism.

Interestingly, David Adams, writing in The Irish Times, went on to conclude that the main impact of Peter Robinson taking over from Paisley would be the demise of the Ulster Unionist Party. He reckons that a Robinson Leadership would enable the DUP to reach moderate unionist voters that and believes that this combined with a contrast between a well known, relatively young and able DUP team and the UUP will ensure the latter’s terminal decline.

And, for those that will mourn the decline of the 'Big Man' and his passing from office, here's a reminder of his European Parliament outburst against the Pope and a brief interview snippet...

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